and an empowering place for your tweens.

We have created a wonderful, magical place just for you! A safe place for you to land. A place where you will feel nurtured and loved. A place to embrace your uniqueness. A place to create and learn. A place to make authentic friends or hang out with your old ones. A place to just be you. 
We will be offering all kinds of workshops and retreats. Life changing workshops that'll give you tools for living the life you desire and to flourish, as well as ones to cultivate a new hobby... maybe something fun that you have always wanted to learn, such as painting, writing or flower arranging.
The Workshops for young girls, tweens and teens remind girls that they are amazing just the way they are. They are not a number on a scale, what society thinks is beautiful or the words that others say.

WOrkshops and retreats 

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My friend, Darlene, and I went to Idaho several times to get Certified to lead these AMAZING workshops and retreats because we knew we had to bring all this goodness to you.
We will continually be adding more ideas because only YOU can become the very best YOU!
Workshops include - Decision Making, Rough Day, She Did It Anyway, Soul Book, Let Go - Let God, Go Where the Peace Is and many more.

About our workshops and us 


Darlene and I are passionate about this work. We have all types of workshops to teach life skills that we are not really taught growing up and then that thing called life...well, it stumps us sometimes, doesn't it?

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