I have so many passions and want to change the world to show people their worth, value and beauty.  Of course, my numero uno passion is showing you how gorgeous you are on the outside with my lens, but that is done best by helping you realize that beauty comes from within! Feeling comfortable in front of the camera, relaxed to just BE YOU.
       I started a group called Sparks of Kindness years ago and on FB, it has spread to over 50 countries and has been featured all across the country on the news. It is about changing the world with kindness, keeping our eyes and ears open for random acts, but also planning out deliberate ones when we plan our to-do lists. People locally wanted to do more, so I created a hands on FB group called Sparking Georgia where we change our  community with love - helping homeless, elderly, families in crisis, fun sparks flash mobs.
       I've also been trained to teach empowerment workshops, retreats and events for ladies & girls. Since moving to our farm in Brooks, I now have space for my photography studio and workshop studio. 
       At our beautiful farm, we are going to have a U-Pick flower farm and flower subscription service.
I can't wait to meet you and hear how we can work (play) together.  

Hey there beautiful!
I'm Debbie! 

the beach

favorite places

What Beach? ANY Beach

Our Farm, Cedar Hill

With A Sunset Almost Every Night, A Puppy To Throw The Ball To & Horses In The Pasture

Funniest farm pup, finley

favorite pup

When we drove up to the farmhouse, I cried!

our farmhouse

It is a magical place, just minutes from Peachtree City

Some of my favorites...

Get to Know Debbie, Quiz-Style

Garden, Paint, draw, cook, Play with the pup, camp (Glamp maybe? only in our RV that has my own shower, oven & comfy bed)

04. what do you like to do when you're not working?

a. Exercising, window shopping & sushi
b. Browsing at vintage market, Mexican & painting
c. Coffee, skydiving & snorkeling
d. Watching football, basketball & desserts 

03. what is your idea of a perfect day?

My best friend told me that if I never drank coffee, I wouldn't grow up. I believed him. Still do! 

02. how do you like your coffee?

(well... I don't)

a. The Kindness Diaries
b. Growing Floret
c. Portrait Artist of the Year
d. All of the above

01. what is currently on Your tv watch list?

Did we just become best buddies?
Let's work together