It Starts With You.
It Starts With Me.

A small spark can light a fire within someone making them want to do more. They tell their friends and family about that little spark and then the fire spreads. Like a ripple effect, kindness grows.

Scientific evidence shows that when someone does, reads about or sees an act of kindness, those feel-good hormones are released, referred to as a "helper's high".  Everyone wants to jump in and you soon have a wildfire.

I believe that most people are inheritently good but don't know where to start. Once given an idea or a need, they want to join in. The news tends to focus on the negative in our world - crime, violence, disasters. As a result, it's easy to assume that life on earth has gotten worse and that hope is gone for a loving world. BUT... I can tell you that there are more good people in this world than bad.

We just need to love louder. 

Follow along on Facebook and invite friends worldwide to Sparks of Kindness and in GA, Sparking Georgia, where we do hands on events to make our community a better place to live.

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Join when you can.  Just show up!  Can bring friends or make new ones. Together, we can make a difference in our world. 

 Upcoming sparking georgia kindness events

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Contact me if you can be on a committee to brainstorm and do more. No pressure, as it is totally low key and fun. We are forming committees to help with the homeless events, visiting the elderly, families in need and fun spark events .

Print up your own cards to use or order some from me.
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