I'm Debbie.
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My goal is simple.
i want to Celebrate You.
This is how I Can!

Smile Big, Shine Bright!
Make Your Last Year Legendary By Being Part Of Our Senior Portrait Dream Team.

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You are incredible. Your family is amazing.
Sure, they drive you crazy sometimes...BUT...they are still amazing.

I'll capture that special something you have, the sparkle in your eyes or the connection in your family. I create wall art and custom designed albums that will make you smile each night after a long day, reminding you why you do this thing called life with these crazy people. I get it. I have six kids. Goosebumps for the next 40 years! How does that sounds? Best investment ever. So much better than the sofa that will only last five years, the new car or the vacation.

I also offer Empowerment Workshops for Ladies and Tweens, started a Kindness Movement and am building a Flower Farm! I know, I know....it's a little extra, but aren't we all a little extra? 

One of Your family's biggest fans 

I’m debbie

- Wendy

"This amazing person, Debbie, has taken our pictures for 17 years! This photo was the last one of our most recent famly session on a day with cheesy grins, eye squints, wrestling and laughter....LOTS of laughter! Isn't it just perfect? Thank you for capturing the beauty and soul of my family and being an important part of our life."

- Leslie

"Best photographer EVER! She has been capturing our families lives for almost 20 years. You won’t find a more personalized experience that really captures your family."

- Kathy

Debbie is not only incredibly talented as a photographer but also immensely compassionate, kind, and artistic which makes the whole process such a pleasure from start to finish! She makes sure you are fully satisfied with your whole experience not just your images. You and your family will love working with Debbie! And she will just love on all of you too!  She cares deeply for everyone she meets and always has a smile on her face. She will not just be your photographer but most likely become your friend.

raving Photo fans

I will help you figure out what look you like best.
I am so excited To meet you for
a free  Design consultation!
come see me on the farm,
a magical place.

Let's get together

we moved to the country last year, buying a 1930's farmhouse with a finished barn. only minutes from peachtree city, it is a world away on ten acres in brooks. with the most incredible sunset almost nightly, you immediately feel a sense of peace.
the peaceful white barn holds the photography studio for indoor studio sessions, as well as the art studio for empowerment workshops.
the dirt road, lined with cascading cedar trees makes a beautiful background as does The rolling hills of the pasture, the lake view and vintage pickup truck.

We all need a place to land, a safe place to feel loved, be oursleves, learn, make authentic friends. Super fun classes, empowering workshops and retreats for ladies and girls.

you are enough.
more than enough.

want some empowerment?

Each one of us needs to know we are loved, valued and important.

sparks of kindness 

want some kindness?

We grew a flower farm for photo sessions and because it went so well, we decided to open a U-Pick Flower Farm! 
Come check it out!
So so beautiful and so peaceful! You can also order a bouquet to pick up. 
478 Mask Rd., Brooks  just 5 miles from Starr's Mill.
9:00a.m. until dark M-Sat., 11-dark Sun.

Cedar hill
flower farm 

want some beauty?