We can plan a time for me to drop by to see your wall space and what we are aiming for in our session. It will help us figure out which colors, style and location would work best as well as what sizes would work.  This step has proven to be SO very helpful for people as we then know what type of look we are going to need, what sizes anddirection they will need to be for your space.  If you'd rather, you can send me photos of your wall space, but with me being there, I can help with design.

I want the scoop on everyone - who's bossy, quiet or the rebel.  Understanding this helps me capture their personalities and relationships. In the Design Consultation,  every question will be answered: 
clothing, your investment,  areas of your home for portraits. 

Contact me to set up a few minutes to chat on the phone.

Relaxed session where everyone will feel comfortable, beautiful and have fun. Since we know what we are aiming for, we will be spending our time and energy reaching our specific goal.

All decision makers should be present as this time is reserved to finalize your order. A special slideshow with curated, artist favorites will be shown before we start the guided selection and order process. Using state-of-the-art software and photos of the walls in your home, we will show your portraits scaled onto your walls, which solves the problem of what size to order; not too big, not too small, but just right! Using your goals from the consultation, we'll guide you every step of
the way.

After retouching with a fine tooth comb, I will design your artwork and deliver it to you upon arrival.

How it works


Statement: Perhaps you want one large Statement Piece for above the sofa or fireplace, a piece that can stand alone, making a statement. "This is what is important to our family!"
Complimentary: Two or more wall art pieces that complement each other to tell a story.
Gallery:  A wall gallery with a collection of pieces that work together, even including old photos if you want.

Your family deserves
to be seen.
are you wall art or album people?

Custom Designed Albums 

Gift Prints, Matted 8x10 or Smaller Available as as Add-On to any Portrait Order

Custom Announcements/Cards Available as an Add-On to any Order

Custom FRAMED Wall Portraits

Highest quality albums with leather, linen or suede cover with actual hard photographic pages and UV protection 

Creation Fee collected at the time of booking and includes the following:
     - A product credit to be used toward any fine art purchase during your View and Order Appointment.
     - Consultation at the studio and a home style visit
     - Creative time to photograph your family (up to 8 people, ask for quote for larger groups)
     - A professional edit of your portrait session
     - Custom design of portrait and gallery options for your walls
     - Your View and Order Session to select the portraits and albums for your home
     - Permanently archiving your purchased images both on and off-site
     - Weekend Sessions (Fri afternoon or Saturday) incur an additional charge 


boring photos are so yesterday.
let's sprinkle in some personality.

I will help you every step of the way. It is so hard to find even the most minimal level of customer service today, but I promise you...
you will not have to worry about anything. I will take care of you.
I can visit your home prior to the session to see the walls, style, and colors before we decide upon clothing and location to compliment your home. 
Then we will know what our goal is on the session day,
focusing out time and energy on capturing the perfect looks.
I'll take photos of your walls or ask you to send them to me. WIth photos of your home, I can use my state-of-the-art software to show you exactly which images, size and frame options would look best in several areas of your home.
I can even help you plan a wall gallery combining old and new portraits.
 The rest of your favorite images can go into a gorgeous,
 custom designed leather album. 
Everything is the highest quality and guaranteed for life.
Your heirloom legacy art because you are worth it.
Your family is worth it.

Art with your family in it... 
For your walls or an album.

"Debbie, I can not tell you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our family portrait. My little one points and names everyone each morning and each evening. My daughter blows kisses to her Daddy in the picture everyday.
I just smile every time I see it and thank god for blessing us with such a beautiful family!"

- Meghan, whose husband
 Is working overseas 

In studio sessions can have a clean look, either fun or soulful.

Indoor Session

Bring the outdoors in. We will discover the best location to compliment your home. 

Outdoor Session

South Atlanta photographer for color photography or black and white photography, outside or in the studio.
Together, we will figure out which look is best for you and your home.

Instead of a flashdrive being forgotten in a drawer, images that get corrupted or lost, prints with greenish-gray faces, blurry or to fade in 2 years, I will cherish your memories just like you do. I can do a home visit to see your wall space, colors and style and plan your custom session to fit your home so you can decorate with love.  With my art degree and years and years of styling and photographing, I will help every step of the way. 

What are the benefits of full service care?

If you could only see the behind-the-scenes footage of one of my crazy shoots, you would see that I do whatever it takes to get the shot. We might be pirates walking or jumping off the plank, spinning through the field like a ballerina or surprising each other with a big bear hug. 

Everyone on your website just look like they are so beautiful, cooperative, sweetly posing for the camera!

You might THINK that you only want the digital images, but I promise you that you will be happy with the expert taking care of you, giving you the highest quality service and products of the most important artwork of your home. You will receive a social media -sized image of everything your purchase, whether for the wall or from an album. You will be able to share images of your cuties, but also have the highest quality artwork that will be guaranteed for life. I am the expert at color calibration, exposure manipulation, cropping and use only the absolute best professional labs in the country. I will be showing you a hand curated selection of artist choices and helping you choose which sizes would look best on your walls. When children see themselves on the walls of their home, it helps them realize how important and loved they are. Those smiles and hugs that you see on the wall will bring a smile to your face when you start the day full of to-do's and when you are exhausted at the end of a long day. 

What if I only want the digital images?

With years of experience, 6 kids and a husband who is ready to leave within ten minutes of family portraits, I specialize in naughty!!  We will just have fun, laughing and snuggling with your family and even the husbands will say, "It wasn't as bad as I thought!". You don't have anything to worry about because, I promise you...I have seen it all and honestly don't even remember one time where I didn't get "the shot"!  Your only job will be to show up and have fun and love on your family, 

My kids/husband/dog/senior boy are... well...a little unccoperative sometimes with photos. How do I know if they will cooperate? 

Frequently Asked Questions