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Free family session fee to be used at any time

See what images will look like on YOUR walls prior to ordering, at viewing/order appointment

Custom designed art work or album with social media  sized digital images of every image ordered

Help with EVERYTHING, including home design before the session so we know what our "focus" will be

     Trust me, with 6 children and thousands of senior portraits under my belt, I know the importance of choosing the right photographer for this incredible year.
     Being in front of the camera can feel super weird and that is why you need to know that you have a connection with that person, that your values line up and that you like them. You can trust that they will make you feel beautiful and relaxed during your session. I would like to think that I can be that for you. 
      You can count on me to help you every step of the way, from the planning consultation where we go over ideas, a home visit if you want so I can see your wall space and colors to help create artwork before I even help you with outfit and location selection. 
     Working together, we will have  lots of communication beforehand so you never have to worry about what to expect.  
     I am here to celebrate YOU.

Your senior portraits should reflect the REAL YOU and who you are becoming. This transitional year is so special.

Let's plan something EPIC together!

Empowering, unique photos to celebrate YOU!

I got ya! 

Our session day will be a time you will always remember, a very special day. I want to give you both a fun, stress-free and unforgettable experience together.

You will have gorgeous portraits for your home forever. Most moms choose a favorite or two as wall portraits and then the rest of the faves go in a custom designed album. Everything is the highest quality and has a lifetime guarantee. Of course, you will also get the social media sized digital image of anything that is ordered.  We know how important that is for posting on Senior Sunday! 

College applications, Homecoming, senior banquets, Exams, prom...
we can't slow down the year, but we can capture it forever.

Hold on tight, it's a fast ride! 

We can plan a time for me to drop by to see your wall space and what we are aiming for in our session. It will help us figure out which colors, style and location would work best as well as what sizes would work.  This step has proven to be SO very helpful for people as we then know what type of look we are going to need, what sizes and direction they will need to be for your space.  If you'd rather, you can send me photos of your wall space, but with me being there, I can help with design.

We will get together to go over ideas, pricing, products, outfits and location.  I want to get to know your senior so I can be sure to capture the personality and that they feel comfortable and excited about our session.  In the Design Consultation,  every question will be answered inculding  investment and  areas of your home for portraits. 

IT STARTS WITH A PHONE CALL: Contact me to set up a few minutes to chat on the phone.

Relaxed session where your senior will feel comfortable, beautiful and have fun whether they are the selfie queen or hate being in front of the camera.. Since we know what we are aiming for, we will be spending our time and energy reaching our specific goal.

Schedule your FREE Family Session!

All decision makers should be present as this time is reserved to finalize your order. A special slideshow with curated, artist favorites will be shown before we start the guided selection and order process. Using state-of-the-art software and photos of the walls in your home, we will show the portraits scaled onto your walls, which solves the problem of what size to order - not too big, not too small, but just right!  Using your goals from the consultation, we'll guide you every step of
the way.

After retouching with a fine tooth comb, I will design your artwork, have you approve the album design prior to ordering, send you the social media sized digital images of any that you have ordered and deliver it to your house upon arrival. I will archive the images you have ordered, both in house and off site, just in case.

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Their favorite image or images as a piece of wall art and the rest of the faves in an album. Grad announcements in the spring. 

Wall Art:
Statement: Perhaps you want one large Statement Piece for above the sofa or fireplace, a piece that can stand alone, making a statement. "This is what is important to our family!"
Complimentary: Two or more wall art pieces that complement each other to tell a story.
Gallery:  A wall gallery with a collection of pieces that work together.
A variety of sizes and finishes, just like with the wall art,
all are of the highest quality and come with a lifetime guarantee.

What most seniors get

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Class of '25 SR Dream Team!
Next year will be an EPIC way to celebrate your SR year! 

Join the team!

Let's celebrate you in a BIG way! As a SR Rep for The Studio, you would be like a Brand Ambassadar, telling all your friends about your experience at The Studio. You would post and talk and share and then get LOTS of extra photo shoots (flower fields with vintage pickup truck, city alley with smoke bombs, cap and gown, etc...). Lots of other fun events are included!

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Instead of a flashdrive being forgotten in a drawer, images that get corrupted or lost, prints with greenish-gray faces, blurry or to fade in 2 years, I will cherish your memories just like you do. I can do a home visit to see your wall space, colors and style and plan your custom session to fit your home so you can decorate with love.  With my art degree and years and years of styling and photographing, I will help every step of the way. 

What are the benefits of full service care?

I promise you, we will have fun. The best compliment I get happens almost every time I do a senior guy session. "That wasn't as bad as I thought!" 
Once we get guys to realize that they can do WHATEVER they want and that these are not the boring, "sit down and smile" photos, they are all in! Some fun ones for them and then some for mom.  

My son really has no interest in senior portraits, but I want them.

You might THINK that you only want the digital images, but I promise you that you will be happy with the expert taking care of you, giving you the highest quality service and products of the most important artwork of your home. You will receive a social media -sized image of everything your purchase, whether for the wall or from an album. You will be able to share images of your cuties, but also have the highest quality artwork that will be guaranteed for life. I am the expert at color calibration, exposure manipulation, cropping and use only the absolute best professional labs in the country. I will be showing you a hand curated selection of artist choices and helping you choose which sizes would look best on your walls. When children see themselves on the walls of their home, it helps them realize how important and loved they are. Those smiles and hugs that you see on the wall will bring a smile to your face when you start the day full of to-do's and when you are exhausted at the end of a long day. 

What if I only want the digital images?

I will help you every step of the way!
No worrying.
First, we will get together for a free planning consutlation to discuss outfits, locations, props, "looks", as well as finished products options and pricing. We will begin with the end in mind so we know what our plan is on the session day.  For example, are we aiming for one large portrait for your hall? If so, what colors and sizes would be best. If an album will be added, then we know we will want multiple looks. Most seniors ortheir moms will later text me photo of the outfits they are considering. I can help decide but also it allows me to figure out which areas would be best for each outfit. 

What should we do about outfits? 

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