your tween is so incredible.
 You know it, but does she know it?
Does he know it?
Like REALLY know it? 

not the invisible years, but the impressionable years. 
not the forgotten years, but the formative years. 
not the awkward years, but the awesome years.

I hated 13. My legs were too long, my hair too thin and greasy. I had braces and didn't know how to use a curling iron, which I so desparately needed. I felt out of place, different. Unfortunately, those feelings stuck with me until around my 40th birthday. When someone doesn't feel confidant about themselves, it affects their decisions in life, their ability to speak up, make friends easily and pretty much their whole life. Well, mine anyway.

As a photographer for over 20 years, I saw ladies who didn't want their pictures taken and avoided the family photo leaving no photos for their children. I heard high school senior girls who said they only liked one side of their face, wanted photos from the neck up because their legs were too big or  just tossed aside a simply GORGEOUS photo because their flat stomach looked toooo poochy. 

Then, I noticed it with younger and younger kids. Society is so hard to compete with. Movies, magazine...then there's social media where everyone shows their very very best days and our kids compare it to their worst days. Kids can also be flippant with their words that stick in the recipient's minds only to replay over and over. 

I am showing tweens that they are simply beautiful JUST the way they are. In addition to showing them their external beauty, I have a secret surprise where we  shower them with words of affirmation. Contact me to hear the details. It is pretty awesome, just like your tween.

I started the "Who I Am" Tween Experience several years ago because I knew there was a desperate need to help our tweens feel accepted and love themselves 

The Cedar Hill Tween Experience

- Christina

"OMG this is more than we imagined! Thank you so much! The smile on her face tonight was priceless. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. Your gift is amazing!" 

- Andrea 

"She had such an AMAZING time in the photoshoot and is soooo excited about her album!! Thank you!"

- Athena

"Thank you for the photoshoot and the AMAZING experience of the slideshow with the words. What a gift for her and all the young ladies whose lives and hearts you are touching. The photos captured her true beauty inside and out. You have a  gift and I am so grateful you shared it with us. Much love and thankfulness!"

What Moms Are Saying....

We can plan a time for me to drop by to see your wall space and what we are aiming for in our session. It will help us figure out which colors, style and location would work best as well as what sizes would work.  This step has proven to be SO very helpful for people as we then know what type of look we are going to need, what sizes anddirection they will need to be for your space.  If you'd rather, you can send me photos of your wall space, but with me being there, I can help with design.

I can't wait to meet you and your tween to both give your input in the photo session planning.  Understanding thems helps me capture their personality.
In this Design Consultation,  every question will be answered: 
clothing, your investment,  areas of your home for portraits, location, etc... 
Most moms want a wall portrait for the child's bedroom to empower them and then add the favorites in a custom album.

Contact me to set up a few minutes to chat on the phone so I can describe
The Who I AM Experience
and the way we  surprise by showering
them with love.  

Our session will be so much fun where your tween will be relaxed, comfortable and feel beautiful.  Since we know what we are aiming for, we will be spending our time and energy reaching our specific goal while we create gorgeous images and empower your tween.

All decision makers should be present as this time is reserved to finalize your order.
A VERY special slideshow for your tween will be shown before we start the guided selection and order process. Using state-of-the-art software and photos of the walls in your home, we will show your portraits scaled onto your walls, which solves the problem of what size to order; not too big, not too small, but just right! Using your goals from the consultation, we'll guide you every step of the way.

After retouching with a fine tooth comb, I will design your artwork and deliver it to you upon arrival.

How it works


Most moms will get one empowering wall art piece for their child's room as a reminder and then the rest of the faces go in an album. 
Wall Art:
Statement: Perhaps you want one large Statement Piece for above the sofa or fireplace, a piece that can stand alone, making a statement. "This is what is important to our family!"
Complimentary: Two or more wall art pieces that complement each other to tell a story.
Gallery:  A wall gallery with a collection of pieces that work together.
To include words from loved ones. A variety of sizes and finishes, just like with the wall art, all are of the highest quality and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Wall Art makes a child feel loved and special

Most popular products

Also, watch for my next Tween Empowerment Event. 
Inspiring speakers, empowering art project, photoshoot, along with
lots of love and swag. 
Visit the Empowerment section.

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