Collecting items for people who are living on the streets.
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Sparks of Kindness helping those experiencing homelessness

Many thanks!

Over 550 bags were collected and distributed!

I am absolutely thrilled to share some incredible news with you all!

I started Sparks of Kindness in 2013 as a means to hopefully influence people in our world to spread kindness, one spark at a time, not just random acts but planned deliberate sparks. In the FB group which has spread worldwide, people are encouraged to make a list of people they can make smile as they make their to-do list. Heading to the doctor’s office? Bring cookies! Take a hot chocolate to a crossing guard. Leave coins on the gumball machine! Locally, we have a FB group called Sparking Georgia where people can jump in and make a real difference here in our community.

Well, hold onto your hats because this January, we truly outdid ourselves!

You see, our mission to make the world a brighter place took on a whole new level of awesome when we came together to support those experiencing homelessness. And guess what? We didn’t just meet our goal, we smashed it out of the park!

Picture this: over 550 bags overflowing with essentials and goodies found their way into the hands of those who needed them most. Can you believe it? I’m still buzzing with excitement!

But let’s take a moment to appreciate the real heroes here – each and every one of you who contributed in your own special way. Whether you donated bags, coats, and blankets, or simply shared your time and energy, your kindness made a world of difference.

Our local Sparklers here in Georgia truly showed up in full force. For months, they gathered donations, sorted through mountains of items, and packed those bags with love and care. And when the big day arrived, nearly 75 Sparklers rolled up their sleeves and got to work!

Together, we proved that when we come together as a community, there’s no limit to the impact we can make. So here’s to you, our incredible village of kindness warriors. Thank you for showing up, for caring, and for making our world a brighter, warmer place for all.

A special thanks (again!) to Venture Games, who not only is a donation drop-off location but also allows all of the Sparklers to come in for our big event. Venture Games makes stunning shuffleboard games! You have to check them out! Also, a huge thank you to Lizard Thicket Corporate Office for being a donation drop-off location and for packing up their big bus with bags to distribute on the streets. Lizard Thicket has the most adorable and trendy clothes in all of the franchise boutiques.

Please support these two companies who are so caring in the way they give back to our community!

Venture Games

Lizard Thicket:

Help us change the world with kindness!!

Be sure to join in the kindness movement which has been featured in the news all over the US!



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