Tween Empowerment Event for girls 9-12 years old
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Tween Empowerment Event for Girls

9-12 year-olds

Create. Motivate. Celebrate.

A unique event to empower young girls.

This will be a magical day to celebrate your girl.

My tender heart has broken for our youth. If you think that middle school was rough for you, you should hear what our kids are going through. Ohhhh…the stories I have heard but, this day…well, it will be an absolutely magical day to celebrate your girl.

Tweens…not awkward, but awesome. Not invisible, but invincible.

I began taking Tween Empowerment photos a couple of years ago. I had the moms secretly send out questionnaires to people who knew and loved the kids with questions about their inner qualities and what makes them unique and special. The kids were shocked when they came back to see their images in a slideshow and these words of affirmation popped up from people they know. Many would cry and say, “I just didn’t know anybody thought those things about me!” It made me realize just how much they were hurting.

Many moms told me that many of the kids lost their identity during Covid when they stopped going to their activities, had less social time with others and relied on social media to interact. Comparing themselves to others only increases their lack of self-esteem which is fueled by a society that demands perfection.

I wanted to create a special day to remind them how incredible they are JUST the way they are. That is how the “Who I Am” Tween Empowerment Event came about. Right here on my gorgeous flower farm, Cedar Hill, we will have speakers and activities that are nurturing and inspirational. The girls will feel so special and loved on as they create empowering art in my uplifting and fun art studio. Then the girls will have an awesome photo shoot to feel beautiful as we talk about their admirable inner qualities as well as their outer beautiful ones. They will each receive their art and a portrait to remind them of the truths they learned that day which will help when having a rough day. They will get to feed the horses, receive a swag bag of empowering girlie goodies and will be surrounded by adorable boho decorations on the farm.

We will be donating a portion of the ticket funds to Bloom, for foster children so we can help more kids. It is going to be such an amazing day for the girls. The event will take place on our 10-acre farm, Cedar Hill Farm in Brooks . We will be breaking up into smaller groups for the activities in the hopes that the girls will bond better. This will be a non-judgmental zone where every girl is made to feel welcome and loved and they will be reminded of that in the beginning.

The limit is 50 girls and we would love to have full capacity to help more girls so if you could get the word out, that would be so helpful. Please share this post on your social media!

For more information and to save a seat for your special girl, click here:

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