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My special love of Wedding Photography

I will go anywhere and everywhere for a special love story!

This Vermont wedding was so heartwarming to capture. When the bride told me she would be surprising everywhere by making her grand entrance on a motorcycle wearing a flower crown and cowboy boots, I was all in!

It truly does not matter to me if the wedding is in a grand place or in their back yard. To me, it is all about the emotions and the love the couple exudes.

The simple moments…the way he looks at her, knowing that she is now HIS love for the rest of his life.

The private moments where they can giggle, snuggle…relish in the fact that they are now Mr. and Mrs.!

Whether it is a first look or a first touch, these moments are sacred to me. I am honored to even be there. I do use a long lens to give them space to share their thoughts, their tears, their dreams but these moments…wow. There are no words.

All the emotions….I will be ready to capture the planned moments and the unexpected ones.

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